Milk-Free Find ~ Earth Balance Peanut Butter Pouch

Here's another game-changing find for our family.  Earth Balance Natural Peanut Butter Pouches.  Not only are these from a vegan company and dairy-free, but it also appears we have no worries of nut contamination.  

If you can have peanuts, this is a fantastic find for on-the-go with food allergies.  A protein that doesn't have to be refrigerated, WIN!

I absolutely love this product.  I don't like the sugar content in Jif cups.  And we can't do the potential nut contamination in Justin's pouches.  The safe processing and natural ingredients in Earth Balance Peanut Butter Pouches is just what this mom ordered. Sugar is not the first ingredient.  YES!

You can read more about the ingredients over at the Earth Balance website.  

And the price on these isn't bad, either.  About 77 cents each in bulk on Amazon.  I'm stocking up!  

We will be hauling these to soccer games and park days all summer long.  Enjoy on crackers, apples, bananas, etc for a filling, balanced snack.  Enjoy!

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