Dairy-Free Digestive Aid

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I have a lot of supplements in my cabinet, but there's only one that I religiously take daily. And it's my all-natural digestive aid. No tums for me.

My chiropractor told me about these fantastic little tablets, and I swear by them for digestive relief and acid reflux issues. And trust me, I know these problems well. I was a Nexium user for a decade, and these papaya tablets helped me wean myself off that stupid purple pill for life.

These are vegetarian and gluten-free. And they contain calcium that I think has been good for me, as well. I take two to three pills before meals if I think it will be rough on my gut...that's usually dinner for me.

The price is fantastic on Amazon, under $15 for a big bottle of 600 tablets! Give these a try. You will love them.


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