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Original Post 02-10-13

Since we began selling e-cloth here at Milk Allergy Mom, many of you have asked how it compares to Norwex. That's a great question. I wondered the same thing as a Norwex customer and did a lot of research that eventually led me to purchase e-cloth. Hope this helps!

Norwex is out of Norway. e-cloth is out of the U.K. Both have been around since 1995. And both are just recently creeping into the United States. We Americans are slow to give up our chemicals.

e-cloth:  Direct to customers
Norwex:  Home parties

e-cloth:  1/200 the diameter of human hair
Norwex:  1/200 the diameter of human hair (2013 catalog) ~ 1/100th (2012 catalog)

e-cloth:  80% Polyester/20% Polyamide
Norwex:  70% Polyester/30% Polyamide

e-cloth:  Korea (fair trade)
Norwex:  China (fair trade)

e-cloth:  Removes over 99% of common household bacteria (world-renowned Silliker lab)
Norwex:  I could not find published scientific research.

e-cloth:  300 Washings 
Norwex:  2 Years

e-cloth:  No longer using silver because bacteria is removed with rinsing and drying.
Norwex:  Using embedded silver "solely designed to inhibit bacterial odor, mold, and/or mildew growth" (Norwex catalog).


General Purpose Coths
e-cloth General Purpose:  $7.99 with free shipping 
Norwex Enviro Cloth:  $16.49 plus shipping and tax
e-cloth General Purpose was chosen as "Best Microfiber" by Real Simple Magazine 

e-cloth Mop Bundle 
e-cloth Mop Bundle With 3 Pads:  $59.99 with free shipping
Norwex Equivalent:  $92.99 plus shipping and tax
e-cloth Mop was chosen as "Best Washable Mop" by Real Simple Magazine

Polishing Cloths
e-cloth Glass & Polishing Cloth:  $7.99 with free shipping 
Norwex Window Cloth:  $18.49 plus shipping and tax

Cleaning Paste
e-cloth Universal Stone:  $39.99 for 500g with free shipping
Norwex Cleaning Paste:  $28.99 for 200g plus shipping and tax 

Obviously, there are some similarities and differences. For me, the deciding factor came down to cost. While I can appreciate the education that comes from home party formats, I just wasn't willing to pay into that extra layer when I can do my own research. I'm here to share that research and education with you, but if you prefer supporting home parties and feel better about embedded silver, then I totally get that. We are here promoting e-cloth just to give you options.  :)

If you would like even more information about e-cloth, I have posted some links below. Please ask if you have any questions. And if you would like to try e-cloth, you can click below to shop right from this site. We appreciate your support, and we hope this post was helpful.


Anita Rashwirth said...

I agree on the cloths. They look the same, and they work the same. I have both kinds on my drawer and they are interchangeable in my opinion. I guess it's just a matter of how much you want to pay. Norwex has to charge more to finance its mlm structure of commissions and incentives. I only buy e-cloth now for cleaning cloths and dusters etc. and I give them as gifts all the time to the uninitiated.

I do love Norwex's enzyme-based DeScaler for taking the lime scale off my shower and taps, though. It blows CLR, LimeAway and any other descaling chemical I've ever tried completely out of the water. It's expensive but worth every penny.

The other Norwex product I use by the gallon is the Odour Eliminator. That stuff is amazing - it can get the smell of cat pee out of a garment or bag. Don't ask me how I know that - just trust me when I say it's true. :0)

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Thanks, Anita, for sharing your experience! Hmmmm, I may need to try the Odor Eliminator. Don't ask ME why, either, ha, ha. ;) It has to do with kid accidents, not pets though.

madameplushbottom said...

Hi Jamie - It's madameplushbottom from splitcoast...

I've seen your "e-cloth" comments and haven't taken the time to come check it out. I am IN LOVE with Norwex and super intrigued by what you have found here. I am a horrible house cleaner and it would behoove me to improve my ways given my own allergies.

I love the norwex blue mit - it actually makes me want to dust. Does the e-cloth come in a mit form too?

I know you are super busy... when you have a moment, shoot me a PM at SCS.


Jamie Kaufmann said...

Meg, I messaged you at SCS...

e-cloth does not have a dusting mit. But the shaggy Furniture Cloth is a huge favorite of my husband's and I wrote a review on it recently.

e-cloth also just came out with Cleaning & Dusting WAND for hart to reach places. It is absolutely bendable and can be re-shaped how you need it. :)

Let me know if you have any other questions! I am very happy to help!

andrea from raisingpeanut said...

Hi! Thanks for this post. Based on all your research, what do you think about the silver in the Norwex? I was recently at a party and the sales consultant said that you can keep using the cloth while wet and the silver is what eliminates the bacteria. It also holds in any bacteria inside the microfibers, which then rinses out. You said the ecloths have to dry. Did you mean they have to dry before you can use them again for bacteria removing properties?


Jamie Kaufmann said...

Hi Andrea,

Thank you for your question. The quick answer would be that as far as I know, only e-cloth has done scientific testing that is published for the public. And the labs found that 99.9% of bacteria is removed with a rinse of the cloth. I use hot water and a little soap for good measure when it's a really messy job. The .1% of bacteria remaining in the cloth after the rinse is really insignificant. So I do use my cloths again while still wet.

But I also use common sense. I usually throw my cloths in the wash after cleaning raw meat or the toilet.

The reason I wanted to get involved with e-cloth is that I loved that they invested in scientific research for their product and that they market with common sense. The silver is not necessary for ridding almost all bacteria so I like paying the non-silver prices by e-cloth.

If you look in the Norwex catalog, you will find disclaimers about the silver saying, "The agent is solely designed to inhibit bacterial odor, mold, and/or mildew growth within the product."

I hope that helps. If you have more questions, just ask. :)

Anonymous said...

Norwex does have published studies as well. My norwex consultant sent them to me. I could be wrong but I believe the 1/200 ratio is the same with norwex. Is there a place to find the published studies on myEcloths. I would love to read them. I would love a more affordable way to get my cloths. I love the 6 yr warranty vs 2. I was just on an e-cloth website and it said they have the antibac cloths (silver infused I was assuming) is that not the case? Thank you for taking the time to post this. I appreciate it.

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Hello Anonymous,

Thanks for stopping in. That's good that Norwex has published studies, I could never find them when I was a customer. I will have to find them. My Norwex catalog says 1/100th on page 8 of the 2012 catalog. Maybe it's changed now. Thanks for letting me know.

And the e-cloth studies can be found through this link.

Yes, e-cloth sells some professional cloths with the silver but I don't mess with that as it's proven not necessary. That means I can pay less for the non-silver. ;) I'd love for you to try ecloth and to compare the two!

Let me know if you have any other questions. :)

Trisha Quizon said...


Just wanted to give some updated info on the Norwex antibac enviro cloths. They remove everything from the surface and the fibers are 1/250 of a human hair! They are warrentied for 300 washes too. The silver ions are melted into each fiber, unlike the e-cloths which are coated with silver. I have had mine for two years and love everything about them. They are manufactured in China where the most technically advanced textile plants are. Along with the amazing window cloth, dust mitt, bath scrub mitt and awesome new Envirowand. The new wand attaches to the the mop handle to give a total length of 15' plus cleaning height!

Trisha Quizon
Norwex Team Coordinator

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Trisha, thanks for the updates. I will have to get my hands on the new literature. I'm sure the new stuff is amazing. I love the e-cloth dusting wand. For me, no matter what, if both companies carry the same thing...I'm going with e-cloth. I've tested the efficiency for long enough and the price is right for my tight wallet. ;) But I know some Norwex fans won't be swayed by the money-saving factor and that's fine. It's great to have choices for different budgets. :) The great news is, they both work well!

Now with the money I have saved by choosing e-cloth, I was able to purchase some top-notch LeCreuset pans this week, and I'm totally excited about that! :)

Kristal said...

Thank you so much for this. I love Norwex, but it's going to make me broke!! ;)

Jamie Kaufmann said...

You are very welcome, Kristil, lol. I hear ya. Nobody should go broke over cleaning cloths, ha, ha. ;) Glad we could help.

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Anita, e-cloth now sells ONE cleaner that is multi-purpose for anything needing a cleaner. I am loving it for my taps, well as on my white porcelain sink, my cast iron pots with enamel, the tub, the oven...anything that needs a good scouring to get it back to like-new. It's in our store now, called Universal Stone. It will last a long time as a little goes a long ways. :)

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Trisha, the current Norwex catalog says the fibers are split to 1/200 of human hair, not 250 as you say. I updated that stat on the post to say 1/200 for Norwex...finer than it's 1/100 that I saw in the 2012 catalog. So that puts e-cloth and Norwex equal in that department now. :)

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Trisha, I also see in the 2013 catalog that Norwex still has just a 2 year guarantee. Here is the link:

MommyLydia said...

You talk about having a Bathroom cloth, A Kitchen Cloth, a Range and Stovetop Cloth, and a Glass and Polishing Cloth, etc. How do you tell the difference in your drawer? do you have to remember what color they are? How do your kids remember which cloth to use for what?

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Lydia, I love your question!

The easy answer is that e-cloth labels each cloth on the tag! As seen in the top picture of this post, it says "General Purpose". :) That is the easiest way to know!

However, the General Purpose come in several colors so you can customize and organize how you want. Personally, I use a lot of the blue and green Gen Purpose for my kitchen because they are B1G1 right now! :)

The Bathroom Cloth is a thicker General Purpose so that it can absorb even more water. The tag says "Bathroom". In my family we know yellow goes in the bathroom.

I have several different colors in the Glass Polishing, it has no tag because it's a fine cloth that cannot be stitched...but it stands out from the others for being more "silky" and everyone knows it's for polishing, no matter the color.

The Furniture Cloth will only be in brown a little bit longer. I want it to stay brown!!! Brown = Wood in my mind. So I'm stocking up on those before they go yellow like the bathroom. However, they will have tags saying "Furniture" or "Bathroom" and have completely different textures. The shag of the Furniture Cloth is made for dusting well.

I sure hope that helps! :)

SchrefflerFamily said...

Okay. I'm really blind. I missed those labels. Any idea if the mop heads will fit the Swiffer mop?

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Ha, problem! Glad you know now! :)

I have heard of people putting e-cloth mop pads on Swiffers. If you already own Swiffer, it's an economical way to try the e-cloth pads. If you don't have Swiffer, it may be worth a little more investment to get the sturdier e-cloth mop handle. The pads are not a perfect fit but you can wrap the pad around the Swiffer bottom and tape it up or jimmy it however you need. The e-cloth mop base is a bit longer.

Right now the e-cloth mop bundles are amazing values. I don't know how long corporate will keep those prices. Love that each bundle comes with a dry mop head too (Dust Mop Head) because I get use out of my dry pad EVERYDAY. I don't wet mop near that much...perhaps I should? ;)

I just had a customer get the mop bundle after her Swiffer broke. She sent me a note that the kids were loving it telescoped down tot kid-size and she was getting lots of help now. ;)

Let me know if you have any other questions. Happy to help and I understand trying to be as economical as possible.

glowbo said...

Hello! I was reading through some of the comments and noticed the comments about published studies with Norwex. As a consultant for Norwex, I have found on their site their published studies using Norwex in regards to how much bacteria is removed. All studies show 99.9-99.8% of bacteria is removed.

Also, I think the fact that e-cloth does not use silver anymore is huge for customers. I've seen silver work in the medicinal world and I am a true believer in its effectiveness in breaking bacterial cell walls to keep bacteria from reproducing and causing it to "go away" if you will. I don't always wash my Norwex cloths when I get through using them, because I know the silver is going to work. I give my Norwex cloth its final hot rinse, let it air dry for 24 hours and it's good to go the next day.

I would challenge you to take your e-cloth, clean something nasty with it (like your sink drain), and let it sit in your sink to see how long it takes to start to stink. I did that with my Norwex cloth and it took a good two weeks before a smell even started to form. I believe that is due to the power of the silver. Food for thought?

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Hi Glowbo! I'm glad the science is posted now. I will go look for it and change my post accordingly. I just know I couldn't find it when I was looking as a customer in recent years.

As for the silver and the stink in the cloths...I have several customers who were first Norwex customers. And they have told me how badly their NOrwex cloths stink. I think a lot of them did let them just "sit in the sink" because they thought the silver was going to do all the work. I always tell my customers to rinse them out, use a little soap, and launder them after really dirty jobs. Silver or no silver, the bacteria needs cleaned and rinsed out. I think many microfiber customers are mislead to believe that they dirt and bacteria magically disappears.

I just had a customer throw out a Norwex hair turban recently that she said was hopeless from the smell. And between my Norwex and e-cloth kitchen towels that I have had the same amount of time (a year) and use the same Norwex stinks and e-cloth does not.

So I still stand by the science of microfiber technology that the dirt and bacteria just need rinsed out well. No silver needed. And from my own experience and my customers...the silver is not helping any with stink. It just costs a more. I also don't know what I think about filling landfills with all that silver.

Thank you for your thoughts, though. As I said, there are differing opinions and different loyalties. The most important thing is that the U.S. start using chemical-free options, no matter the brand. There's room enough for all the brands in this wide-open market and to each his own. :)

Anonymous said...

Does the microfiber remove 99.9 % of bacteria from surfaces? I am just wondering because I'm starting a daycare and we basically have to use bleach unless we have documentation or a product label that says it kills certain bacteria and viruses. I would much rather use a safer, less toxic option!

Anonymous said...

I'm curious, which Norwex cloths did let they let set in their sink? Not all have the antibac label. Also proper care if cloths is important. For example, thr kind of detergents or soaps they are using could affect the source of the "stink". Not?

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Hi Anonymous (Day Care Provider),

Yes, e-cloth removes over 99% of bacteria. We have the published studies that you can use...the link is on our right side bar or here, too. Let me know if you have other questions. I wholly agree that cutting chemicals out of the classroom would be amazing. We have cut them in our food allergy home even though mainstream says we need bleach to clean food allergens. We have the allergen in our home and have had no issues with me cleaning surfaces with water and e-cloth. :)

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Anonymous, which Norwex cloths are stinking? This is what one customer just emailed me:

"It's mainly the general purpose ones, but really all of them seem to do it. I just boiled all of my Norwex rags the other day! It's such a process and I feel like it happens often!" Jennifer

Another told me it was mostly her hair turban.

For me, it's my kitchen towel. I use it just as much as my e-cloth towel and e-cloth smells better...have had them same amount of time.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the info! I'm going to try ecloths.
Fyi: Boiling my Norwex cloths for 10 minutes takes all the stink out. Fresh and lovely.

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Anonymous, you are welcome! Yay! I think proper maintenance keeps our cloths fresh and effective. :)

Lesa Gamble said...

This has been MOST helpful! Thank you so much for taking the time to test these products and blog about them! I feel much more confident about purchasing e-cloths! I'm actually looking forward to getting my house clean!

Heidi said...

So here's my question about Norwex: they claim to remove and kill bacteria, but as a nurse I know that the vast majority of illnesses are caused by viruses. Do they have any stated claims related to viruses? I have tried to ask a few different Norwex consultants about this, but they all seem to just kind of quote the company "spin" without actually answering my question. It is VERY hard to find a non-commercial cleaner that kills norovirus (responsible for most "stomach bug" episodes). If Norwex could show that their product was effective on viruses (and norovirus especially), I would be a huge supporter of their products!

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Lesa, you are very welcome! Glad you found our research helpful. :)

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Hi Heidi, I understand your concern. e-cloth is very open with their research and doesn't make any claims beyond it. I wanted to know about allergen clean-up and spoke with the U.S. CEO myself on the phone to get the scoop. Being a scientist himself, he said he could not make any claims that were not scientifically proven in a lab with controls and repetition. I could respect that. In the e-cloth lab results, you can see what they specifically tested. And e-cloth never claims to "kill" anything microscopic but to "pick it up".

e-cloth has told me that since the bacteria tests came back so positive, they are pretty confident that other microscopic particles like food allergens are also being picked up with their cloths. And from experience as an allergy mom, with constant kitchen cleaning, I think they are right in the allergen regard.

As for viruses, when someone in my home gets a stomach bug...I will get out the bleach wipes. It's my personal preference. It sure doesn't happen very often. But I just don't know if the e-cloths are sanitizing from that standpoint. And I nor e-cloth will claim they do. That's why I love this company, we are instructed to make no claims beyond what has been scientifically tested.

I sure hope that helps. I have no idea what Norwex has tested...sorry I'm no help with that information.

Anonymous said...

I love this informative blog and resulting discussion. It has helped me decide which product to use and feel comfortable in its safety for my immune system issues. Thank you for your research so we don't have to wade thru it...just read it! :)

Anonymous said...

I am a nurse, and also had questions about research regarding Norwex claims. I looked on Norwex's website, as well as googled for information. I found information about results of studies that were supposedly done.However, I could not find the actual studies, so I could read them for my self. The best I could do, was to find this forum where the results of these studies were being discussed. Please read through at least all of the first page. It sounds to me as though the studies that were done, were not peer reviewed studies, using accepted scientific methods.

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Hi Anonymous, thank you for that link. I read more than the first page...I read it all! ;) Good info there. Thanks for sharing!

Elizabeth said...

Thank you for your thorough review! I think I am going to ask for some e-cloths for Christmas!

Jamie Kaufmann said...

You are very welcome, Elizabeth! Glad we could help.

Anonymous said...

You don't seem to be a fan of silver at all, so apparently are unaware that it is one of the best natural antibacterial agents on the planet!!! Have you ever heard of colloidal silver? Its a liquid form. I know of people who have rid themselves of sinus problems when NOTHING else worked, using it. Excellent for burns and other infections. The silver in enviro cloth picks up the bac from whatever surface you are cleaning, and THEN it is removed from the cloth by rinsing or washing. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO WAY BACTERIA CAN BE CLEANED FROM A SURFACE WITH JUST PLAIN WATER ALONE, EVEN HOT!! THE SILVER IN AN ENVIRO CLOTH DOES. My Norwex consultant just sent me an email report a few days ago about keeping travel cloths with you to clean your shopping carts, as studies have found that 70% of them are contaminated with serious stuff including FECES!!

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Hi Anonymous. My father-in-law is a doctor and has given me information about silver used in the medical world. The science of the microfiber DOES pick up bacteria. Why does the Norwex catalog disclaimer in several places that the silver is only used to inhibit mold, etc. The company itself seems to be covering itself in a round-about way. And yes, carts are nasty. I always wipe them. Thanks for your "take" on microfiber. You are obviously a Norwex fan so I'm glad you found a company you like. I'm sticking with e-cloth because I trust their published lab results that say silver isn't needed.

Anonymous said...

Hi! This has been a very intriging article and comments. In seeing that norwex is a mlm and you stated that e-cloth is a direct to customer sale, you have it in 'your shop' . so I am curious as to the validity of it in the sense of not being a mlm? Does that make sense? So,do they hire people to sell the product from a website and they get paid for it? Or do,you sell their product from their website and get paid for it? I am totally not being biased, because saving money is HUGE, and I'm very curious to which cloth would be best for my family.

Kimberly said...

Hello, Yes I am very curious about the selling and making money end of the e-cloth? If it isn't a mlm then how come you are selling it? you must be compensated for selling,or why would you? Someone above you is getting credit for you selling the product on your site? Otherwise wouldn't someone just go to the company site and buy direct? As to the cloth costing so little remember the old saying "You get what your Pay for"
I really love my Norwex and don't mind paying the extra because I'm still saving so much not using chemicals in my home. All of the other products perform great too. I love going to parties and getting the information and demos first hand. The chicken demo is my favorite. Can you take the time to answer the question form Anonymous and I about the way in which you are compensated for selling the e-cloth?

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Sorry for the delay on answering, we had a death in the family and I'm trying to catch up. I have no direct sales person above me. I built a relationship with the e-cloth company in the U.S. and was contracted directly by e-cloth to sell on my site. The products are not marked up any further when I sell them. E-cloth is sold in boutiques and specialty stores. It is not direct sales. Just a few of us are allowed to sell them online but that's just one division of the company. Hope that helps.

Maria said...

Norwex has a body cloth for washing your face and body with just water rather than using soap (at least that is what I just learned last night at a party). Does e-cloth have some sort of body cloth as well? Have you ever used micro-fiber cloths on your body?

J. K. said...

Hi Maria, good question. I'm aware of the Norwex body cloths. E-cloth carries the Face Mitt and Body Mitt. And we do recommend using the cleansers of your choice. E-cloth says the cleansers are still needed to clean your skin but the e-cloth microfiber suds the cleaners fine enough to get well into pores. With that said, I often do just use water on my face with the face mitt, especially to remove eye make-up. I do not use eye make-up remover now that I use the microfiber eye mitt. So that is a difference between how Norwex and E-cloth market their body products. I hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

This has been very informational. Can I ask a couple of things about the e-cloth vs. other microfibre cloths? 1) how do e-cloths compare to other, good quality microfibre cloths in the picking up the bacteria part? I do not mean Norwex or any other silver-infused cloths, but plain microfibre. I do see that the Dollar Store types are not nearly as plush or thick and don't hold nearly as much water, plus they leave behind much more water on the surface after wiping than other, thicker microfibre that have been purchased, i.e. Lotus brand. 2) have tests been done with swabs or test strips (or whichever is effective) to show that non-sliver-infused (or interwoven) microfibre cloths pick up just as well? Do you have any videos that you could provide a link for (similar to the Norwex videos)? 3) You said that your father in law is a Doctor, and I don't know if he could scientifically answer this or not, but what I was wondering is, would Colloidal Silver sprayed onto a germy surface (i.e.. toilet) kill bacteria on contact? Or would it take time to kill the germs, and if so, how long? Norwex cloths, with the silver woven into them, apparently take 24 hours to kill the bacteria in the cloth, but it might be different than Colloidal Silver. And it's interesting that the sliver in the cloths require water to activate it, yet the cloth dries in very little time, which is actually one of the reasons that all microfibre cloths don't get smelly. They were never meant to stay wet, in a heap (like wet towels in the laundry bin that will always smell bad as a result). All microfibre cloths are meant to be rinsed out and then hung to dry between uses. Oh, and I remembered one more question for you: 4) Without dish soap, would the e-cloths (or any other high quality microfibre for that matter) (with or without silver) not clean your dishes (pre-rinsed of course) in the same way as they would a counter with (even raw) chicken rubbed all over it? I can understand that the dish soap will coat the silver in the fibres of cloths like the Norwex brand, but I was thinking that why wouldn't we be able to wipe the plates and cutlery in the same way? I'd be seriously interested in your thoughts on all these. Thank you in advance! Love your site!

J. K. said...

Hi Anonymous, great questions!

It is e-cloth's composition (highest quality polyester and polyamide), fiber size (smallest diameter in the world), fiber processing (highest densisty in the world), that allows e-cloth to outperform other microfiber and cleaning cloths.

Here is a video on how e-cloth works:

Here is the scientific data:

I'm not entirely sure about colloidal silver, except that it may be more expensive than microfiber that can simply remove bacteria.

And as for dishes, I have heard that the heavy use of dishcloths means that the microfiber in a dish cloth would be broken down more quickly than microfiber cleaning cloths. A counter is a pretty gentle, smooth surface while scrubbing pots and pans and dishes can be more taxing on cloths. That's why our dishcloths have a lesser time guarantee. SO, I would worry about not using soap based on "how effective are my dishcloth broken down are they after long term use." I still use dish soap with my e-cloth dish cloths. But I do love the dish cloths, much better than cotton.

I hope that answers your questions. :)