Brush Tip Dual Markers for Lettering

You know what's the best?  It's when you find a new hobby, but figure out that you already have plenty of supplies on hand to get started.  I know, "the best", right?!  

That's what happened when I decided to get into hand lettering.  The brush calligraphy on Instagram especially caught my eye.  And after doing a little research, I figured out that I actually had the perfect stash of brush markers already!  

While many brush calligraphers rave about Tombow dual tip markers, my Stampin' Up! markers are very similar.  And obviously there are many colors!  When I was a demonstrator, I always thought I heard that our markers were actually made by Tombow.  But I can't seem to verify that now.  

I have always loved the brush tip of the Stampin' Up! markers, but I've never really loved the writing tip.  The writing tips are SUPER fine, seem to dry out quickly, and the light colors are hard to see.  But the brush tip has always been great for inking up rubber stamps, and now is incredible for my brush lettering.  I'm guessing the other tip on Tombow dual tip markers might be superior to Stampin' Up!'s writing tip.  But that's ok.  I simply found another marker for fine tip writing and will share that another day with you.  :)  

Those who already have SU markers on hand will be able to start brush lettering without investing more money and that's always a good thing!  I did have to watch a few tutorials to learn how to use these markers in a new way.  It's definitely different than using them to ink stamps.  I used to coddle my markers when stamping.  But for lettering, I'm braver about applying hard pressure when needed for broad strokes.  And then I use light pressure for thin strokes, with the marker actually upright.  That was always a no-no in stamping.  New tricks for this old dog!

For those who don't have Stampin' Up markers but want to purchase some brush markers, this 96 Marker Set by Tombow is $140 on Amazon right now.  That's under $1.50 a marker which is fantastic.  I paid $3.50 for each SU marker PLUS shipping and handling.  And again, I think you will find the other tip better than SU's...good for adult coloring books and other lettering styles.  

I know 96 seems like a lot of colors, but I love having so many coordinating shades of one color. There are many things to do with that.  For example, here is a piece I did with three shades of pink.   

Whether you use Stampin' Up! markers or Tombow markers, I think you will like their brush tips similarly. I will post more later on some techniques with brush lettering as I'm learning. But for today, I just wanted to let you know that brush tips on these two brands seem alike, and that the Tombow markers are a better deal if you don't already have SU markers on hand.  Let me know if you have any questions!

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June K said...

Very nice, Jamie. I have the SU markers in all sorts of colors. I should try using them.

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Yes, June K! You should. :) Takes a little practice but don't give up too soon. Let me know how it goes!

Jamie Kaufmann said...
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