$4 Compasses for a Fun Compass Walk

It's hard to believe that we just finished week 24 of Classical Conversations this week.  That completes my family's third year.  Wow!

Our last week of science included a Compass Walk that all the children immensely enjoyed. And I'm pretty sure it wasn't JUST because of the treasure box at the end.  ;)

I gave the children a starting point at an orange cone in the church.  And then each class, one at a time, followed my compass directions written out on the white board above.  We measured out yards by laying string end-to-end on the floor with the students' help.  

The compasses were the shining stars in this activity, even more so than the treasure.  All the parents wanted to know where I got them, the kiddos were asking to try them, and my son came home wanting to buy one with his own money.  Fortunately for him, these are less than $4 on Amazon right now, and I let my little guy indeed buy his very own compass.  

Included in these well-working compasses are:

Spring-Loaded Clip

As my parents will attest, these were every bit worth $4.  And this simple activity sparked the children's interest in navigation and inspired the mothers to recreate this activity at home.  

I actually picked up a compass for each of my boys to use this summer.  I know they will have a lot of adventures using them.  

Stay tuned for more summer activity ideas for the children posted here at Milk Allergy Mom. Have a blessed day!

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