Thin Mint Cookies {Dairy-Free & Egg-Free}

When I saw the copycat recipe for these popular Girl Scout cookies floating around the internet and its 4 simple ingredients, I knew we had to give these a try. Hip2Save had a great write-up about making these, and that's the recipe we used.  

While a few Girl Scout cookies have worked for us in the past, I know it depends on what part of the country you're in on whether or not you have dairy-free options. One of the two Girl Scout Cookie manufacturers doesn't make dairy-free cookies from what I understand. You can read more about that over at Go Dairy Free. And even if you have the dairy-free cookies in your area, I think they are still processed in a plant with dairy.  

So this recipe is for those of you not able to partake of actual Girl Scout Thin Mints. Or for those of you who think it's just safer to make them at home. Or for those of you who want to cut out some of the junky ingredients. Back to Nature makes a Ritz-like cracker that has minimal ingredients and is dairy-free.

Dairy-Free Ingredients for DIY Thin Mints
Ritz or Back To Nature Crackers
Simply Organic Peppermint
Coconut Oil

Check ingredients for yourself, as always.

Our verdict?  I didn't tell Jeff what it was and after he tasted it, he proclaimed that they were delicious.  The boys absolutely loved them.  And Miles, remembering the taste of real Thin Mints, said they taste like the real thing.  As for me, anything mint and chocolate is a winner in my book. Five stars!  

These are so quick and easy that the kids can help.  And no-bake is always a beautiful thing. Hope you get to try these!  

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