Classical Conversations Latin Printable {Cycle 1}

I did not foresee sending out so many scanned printables right off the bat, and I am in awe by how many fellow home schoolers are requesting them.  Thank you!  

We wrote out this one-page Latin help over Christmas break and have it displayed in our home school area for quick reference.  My sweet 8-year-old colored in the LATIN bubble letters, and I love it.  

This is the kind of thing you will get from me. Simple, handmade, and sometimes coloring contributions by the kiddos.  Again, this is stick-in-the-sand.  Anyone can make this chart themselves with some colorful crayons, markers, etc.  Be encouraged that Photoshop is not necessary to make fun and appealing posters and flashcards for your children.

This printable is not available at the moment. Please join our home school list below to be the first to know when this is offered again.

In the meantime, we have another great freebie for you while you're waiting. Just click below to get it. Thanks!

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Manga said...

I'd like to get on your email list. I filled out the forms, but it would not take my email address. Can you please add me
Victoria Manga I hoke school and yes we are a part of CC

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Hi Manga, I hope you got it. Let me know. Thanks!

The Frawleys said...

Hi Jamie, I subscribed to your blog last week, but still cannot figure out how to get the free Latin and Math printables/flashcards. Is there something else I need to do? Thanks!

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Hello Frawleys, I have been sick and just caught up last night. Did you get your email ok? Sorry for the delay.