Milk-Free Find ~ Daiya Cheese Cake

Yes folks, you read that right.  Dairy-free CHEESE CAKE.  How can it be?!  

Well, Daiya, the makers of all kinds of dairy-free cheese and other products, has certainly hooked us up with this one.  It was a thrill to see my boy enjoy this delicious treat.  And he wants more, pronto!

The size was smaller than normal cheese cake, about the size of a salad plate.  But it tasted remarkable.  We topped ours with fresh strawberries, and it honestly didn't taste too different.  I don't like many dairy-free cheeses, but I truly loved this cheese cake along with the rest of my family.  The graham crust was perfect, and we will certainly be buying this again, soon.  

Other flavors I see at the store are Key Lime, Chocolate, and Strawberry.  We have our eye on the chocolate for next time.  Has anyone tried these yet?  

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