Easter Basket Treats {Dairy-Free}

It's a popular question at Easter time.  What to put in a dairy-free Easter basket?

Well, we have found several safe options through the years so let's get to it!  

Not pictured, experience coupons!  My boys LOVE getting these.  I give them hand-written coupons for fun things like, "no school day", "park day, pick the park", "Target cafe treats", etc. I use Project Life Cards for quick, easy, and cute coupons.  Just clip them together with a binder clip.  This is a great non-food, experience gift that my kids always count on.

As for the edible treats, I like to splurge on specialty treats for the holidays.  Here's our list of latest favorites:

Milk-Free Easter Basket Treats

For more mainstream edibles, see our post about Dairy-Free Egg Hunts.

Have a safe and happy Easter!

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