Molding Your Own Dairy-Free Chocolate

Original Post April 3, 2010

Last Easter, I splurged on store-bought dairy-free chocolate bunnies at about $15 each. I thought my boys would be ecstatic to get their first-ever chocolate bunnies not made by mom. But guess what happened? They told me they missed my DIY chocolate Easter suckers. I could have saved myself 25 bucks and my kids would have been happier!  

Lesson learned. I will keep molding our own chocolate candies at home.  

But I may need to upgrade to a 5" bunny next Easter!

Here is how to easily mold your own dairy-free chocolate candy:


Use allergy-free Enjoy Life chocolate chips and candy molds. If you are making suckers, you also need sticks. You may want candy bags as well. Or use baggies or foil to store your chocolate in.

First, wash new molds with hot soap and water. Make sure they are completely dry before starting. Any water getting into the chocolate will ruin the smooth chocolate.

After washing and drying the molds well, melt half the bag of chips in the microwave along with 1/4 teaspoon of coconut oil in a bowl. If you can't do coconut, just skip it. It's not necessary. It just thins the chocolate a bit.

Stir the chips at every 30 seconds until they are mostly melted. Then stir the rest of the way until melting is complete. If you overheat the chocolate, the chips will scorch, that's why I stop heating when they get close to smooth.

After melting, fill the molds with chocolate using a spoonful at a time. Once filled, gently tap the molds on the counter until the chocolate levels out. Make sure each mold is filled to the top because you need the chocolate to cover the sucker sticks.

Then put a stick in each chocolate if the mold allows for a stick. I made sure each stick reaches up to the top of the chocolate so they will hold. I then gently twist around each stick until the chocolate covers the sticks completely.

The chocolate with sticks goes into the freezer to set. It doesn't take long and mine came out of the molds wonderfully. Make sure they are completely frozen by checking the front images before trying to get them out. You will be able to tell if they are set or not.

Wrap the suckers in bags and tie with ribbon. I store them in the freezer just to make sure my hard work does not melt.

One bag of Enjoy Life chips yielded 7 larger suckers with a little extra. These sucker molds were big so if you find smaller candy molds, you will get much more than 7 chocolates. 

Hope this helps. Happy candy-making!

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RachelD said...

Those are so cute! Great idea!

Kate said...

very cute!

Anonymous said...

What a great blog- I just found it today. I am a mom of two kids (3 1/2 and 2) with food allergies (milk, eggs, peanuts, almonds and cashews) and a two month old with suspected milk allergies. You mentioned you purchased Enjoy Life chocolate bars at Meijer. I shop there and have never seen them- where in the store have you found them? Thanks!

Jamie Kaufmann said...

In the organic section. :)

Anonymous said...

We love Enjoy Life and for the first time I made the chocolate pops and I also found a mold for 2 large bunnies at acmoore....thank you for helping me make this Easter so special for our little one.

Jamie Kaufmann said...

YAY! Hope they were a hit! :)

This Honest Food said...

Jamie, LOVE this idea. I bought molds last week so I could make my own chocolates this year, but didn't even think about adding the candy stick to it. Awesome! I'm going to share w/ my FB page and Twitter peeps.

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Thanks, Dawn! Have fun creating! And thanks so much for sharing. We appreciate it.