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I want to welcome our new home school readers.  Thanks for joining us.  And as promised, this is one of our first weekly posts about schooling!  You can get our home school posts emailed to you once a week, on Friday nights, by opting in for our free math cards at the end of this article. Then you won't miss a thing.  

A lot of my posts are going to be based on questions I am frequently asked.  As a home schooler of eight years and now a home school director who has found her niche in classical learning, I feel a little more equipped to share what's working for us.  By no means do I have this school thing down perfectly, but I'm happy to share what we've learned so far.  

I used to post here often about our preschool days.  Back then we used mostly Montessori methods.  They worked well but I regret not reading more with my kids then.  I wish I would have added in Sonlight or some curriculum like that.  

Then we went with Bob Jones for Kindergarten and 1st Grade.  And thankfully we found Classical Conversations soon after, and plan to stick with it as long as possible.  

With that background, I wanted to answer the pressing common question of, "where do you home school during the day?".

Check this out...



That's right, folks.  Despite having set up the perfect little classroom in my well-lit, big windows basement with real wooden desks and plenty of colorful posters...my kids have always gravitated to the kitchen to do their work.  I still think it's because that's where the snacks are but whatever the reason, I finally quit fighting it.  

I still use the basement area for school storage and supplies that we don't use every day.  But I eventually just set up permanent shop by the kitchen table, and the kids got real productive. 

And take note, my kitchen is NOT big!  But with some good organization and thoughtful planning, we managed to pack our daily necessities into this little area.  And it's now a highly functional place in our home.  


All of our daily school needs are placed along this small wall in our kitchen.  

CLOTHES PIN BOARD ~ This was a DIY project that used to hang photos of friends and family.  Now it hangs our main school helps.  

BLACK SIDE TABLE ~ This was $15 piece from a resale shop that I painted, and now it holds our mail, CC laminated cards, and all my teacher manuals, maps, and lap white boards underneath.  

IKEA CART ~ This is my baby.  The boys are lucky I share it with them because it makes one heck of a paper-crafting organizer!  Anyways, the top shelf holds all our daily supplies:  tape, stapler, clips, pencils, markers, colored pencils, flash cards, etc.  And the bottom two trays are one each for the boys' workbooks.  I'm constantly weeding out extra books that they throw in there.  Necessities only!

WHITE BOARD ~ I have a magnetic white board balanced on top of the cart.  Maybe this isn't the best arrangement, but so far so good.  Maybe someday we will mount it on the wall. I also have a chalkboard painted onto the door next to it as you will see in the first picture on this post.  Between the white board and the chalkboard and a few lap white boards, we have all the writing space we need.  It doesn't take much!

WALL SHELF ~ This used to be a nice decorative piece that school has also taken over. Now I put a few school necessities on it that look nice and didn't have a home anywhere else. Those are my beloved dry erase markers at top right along with a globe, letter tiles, and a clock manipulative.  

That's really it.  I feel like we have simplified our school area well.  And as much as I would love to park it in a beautiful basement classroom for five hours a day, I can't complain too much about being able to work in the kitchen while schooling the kiddos.  It works great for my type A, multi-tasking personality.  

I hope you are inspired about how simple a home school space can be.  You certainly do not need a fancy school room to teach your children.  Tell us about your classroom in the comments, or ask any questions.  We would love to chat with you!


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