Paper-Crafting ~ My 2016 Hobbies

Hello to my crafty friends.  As part of my 2016 blogging goals, I hope to post once a week some kind of paper crafting inspiration.  I hope this means that many of my old Stampin' Up! friends will join me as well as others of you who love paper or maybe want to learn to love paper.  ;)

Today I thought I would give an overview of what all I will be up to for 2016 in the way of crafting.


First up, I have a continued and growing obsession with markers.  This love began way back in elementary school when I considered a big pack of Crayola markers to be my toy of choice. But now my taste is getting a little more grown up, and I can't wait to share my new writing tools with you.  


My love of fancy lettering stems back to 7th grade when my geography teacher told my mom to buy me a calligraphy book.  When I first got into paper-crafting 15 years ago, my goal was to use and improve my calligraphy.  But stamps took over my life, and it feels awesome to be getting back to writing.  The new trendy lettering is a far cry from the Old English font I used to draft with fountain pens and metal nibs.  Almost anyone can create the new "messy, embrace your own handwriting" phenomena that's going on right now.  Let's try it!


Ah, planners!  This trend follows scrapbooking but precedes hand-lettering in the world of paper-crafting.  I jumped in for simpler scrapbooking, to document my everyday life, and to get my schedule better organized.  I love this thing.  It's transformed my day-to-day tremendously.  Right now I'm organizing to-do lists, exercise, vitamin tracking, blog planning, menu planning, our budget, gift-giving, Christmas, birthdays, our calendar, and more in this little gem.  I can't wait to tell you more!  


I have my own unique way of Bible Journaling that I have been doing for over a year.  This will also be touched on in my weekly paper-crafting posts.  If you're on Instagram or Facebook, search hashtag #myfaithcards, and you will get an idea of what this is all about.  


I also plan to get to work on my family scrapbook...from 2014.  I know.  I'm behind!  This will entail Project Life and pocket pages.  I think it just needs embellished and journal entries. Stay tuned.  

Thanks so much for stopping in to talk crafting.  Feel free to join our Facebook page below! Have a blessed day!

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