Handwritten Math Grammar Flash Cards {Set 1}

When I posted these colorful handwritten flash cards, I got several requests for a copy of them.  Sometimes you just never know what's going to cause a stir.  If you would like to know when they become available again, make sure you are on our email list and we will keep you posted.

About the flash cards, these are not your typical math equation cards.  In classical education, we believe children should learn and memorize the "grammar" (or basic information) about all the subjects in their elementary years.  This includes math.  So instead of just learning how to work equations, they also learn the vocabulary of math.  

My son's 4/5 grade Saxon math book was starting to get very heavy in the math vocabulary. So after 1/3 of the way through the workbook, I felt the need to make up some helpful flash cards so we could drill the vocabulary more easily. 

If you are doing school at home and looking for a math curriculum, I highly recommend Saxon.  It's how I learned math and it's what worked in schools "back in the day".  We just switched from Math U See this year, and now use the Saxon Home School editions for my second and fourth graders.

There will be more cards and math grammar to come because I have 2/3 more to write out by the end of the summer.  We school through summer because I'm a cool mom like that. 

How to Use These Math Cards

Cut the cards out 3x5"
Laminate the cards if you choose
Hole punch the cards
Put the cards on a large binder ring 
Memorize :)

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