Easy Fruit Cobbler {Dairy-Free & Egg-Free}

One of our favorite fruit desserts is this Easy Batter Fruit Cobbler.  It's versatile to use with many different fruits.  And the kids love to help.

The recipe calls for a juicy fruit like berries or peaches. But I have used apples from our tree, and didn't even juice them with sugar. And it still turned out well.  A little cakey...but still good.  We have also made this with berries before, and that's delicious. 

For the butter, we used dairy-free Earth Balance.  You can even buy that brand soy-free if you get the right one.  

And for the milk, just use your favorite dairy-free milk.  We use almond milk.  

 What's the first fruit you would try with this easy cobbler?  Leave a comment!

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