Dairy-Free M&M's and Other Chocolate Candy

My milk allergy son is dreaming about dairy-free M&M's for Valentine's Day.  More specifically, he wants more of the No-No's that he found in his stocking for Christmas.  

I've been a pretty cheap milk allergy mom for 10 years...molding my own chocolate candies, making our own peanut butter cups, and settling on dairy-free chocolate bars.

But as my boy continues to grow, the more he wants to experience some new dairy-free options.  And I think it's worth squeezing these new things into the budget for him.  That's why I looked up some options on Amazon and ordered today!

All these candies made by Premium Chocolatiers are 100% free of milk, egg, nut, peanut, and gluten.  

Here's what I got:

3 Individual Bags for $10.95


4 for $11.95

If you haven't tried the No-No's yet, we can attest that those are wonderful.  They taste like Sixlets to me, but are the size of M&M's.  And because of our great experience with those, I'm ready to surprise my boy with a few other options from Premium Chocolatiers.  

Ordering from Amazon compares to or is less than ordering on the company website with shipping.  And I don't have to set up account info.  I'm sort of lazy and love my one-click Amazon.  

How about you?  Have you tried any of these dairy-free candies?  Are you a fan?  

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Sarah said...

Do you have a recipe you use for molding your chocolates without milk? Can you share it with me?

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Yes, Sarah. Here you go! Thanks for asking.