Powdered Sugar Donut {Dairy-Free & Egg-Free}

Nothing makes learning cursive easier for boys than having donuts to munch on at the same time. 

Despite finding great tasting dairy-free donuts at the store (contain egg), my son still stands by mom's homemade donuts every time. To reward his loyalty to my baking, I've tried to come up with several different flavors for him to try.  

On this day, we dabbled in powdered sugar donuts for the first time, and as always, he raved about their deliciousness and tried to eat them all in one sitting. Seriously, the boy can EAT.

For these donuts, I used our base donut recipe and simply coated them in powdered sugar when they came out of the oven.  That simple.  

We have also done cinnamon sugar donuts, and next I would love to do a maple frosting donut. When that's created, we will let you know. If your email is registered below, you will get an email when the recipe is posted. Donut on, friends!

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