Chocolate Covered Cherries {Dairy-Free}

Jeff and I were talking about how we both don't really like chocolate covered cherries, but every kid should get to decide for themselves. right?  ;) 

So this Valentine's Day, we decided to give these a test run, and they really did turn out so beautifully.  So much so that we packaged them up in candy papers, a box, and a gold ribbon.  Just like real candy chocolates. 

Use a clean candy box, not one used previously with DAIRY chocolate.  You don't want cross contamination.  

It turns out that our boy actually liked our chocolate covered cherries.  And I kind of did, too. Things are a little more tasty when you've put in a labor of love, I guess.

If I could find a safe DRIED cherry to cover with chocolate, I would be doing that next.  :)

So let's get to how we made these.  Really it's just 2-3 ingredients. 

6 maraschino cherries, juice dried off
1/4 cup Enjoy Life chocolate
1/4 tsp. coconut oil (may be omitted)

Heat the chocolate and coconut oil on low/medium heat, stirring until melted.  Do not overheat.  Take chocolate off heat and start dipping the cherries.  Place coated cherries on a plate covered in wax paper.  Place in freezer for 5 minutes to let the chocolate set. Remove from freezer and layer with chocolate a second time.  Freeze for 5 more minutes. Then layer a third time with chocolate.  Freeze for the final set.  And enjoy!  Keep stored in the refrigerator.  

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