Ben & Jerry's Vegan Ice Cream For Milk Allergies

We finally have the "scoop" about Ben & Jerry's new vegan ice cream line so sit back and let's take this in today!

The company was kind to invite me to their vegan grand opening, but the timing was just not good for my family at all.  Total bummer.  I really wanted to go see the production and ingredients first hand for our faithful readers.  

So I am relieved to see that we can all get a good amount of information from the Ben & Jerry's website now.  

I love that Ben & Jerry's answered the call of tens of thousands of customers begging for a dairy-free option.  That's amazing, and times are changing in our favor.  I know many vegans and dairy intolerant people are going to be very, very happy with this line.  Personally, dairy ice cream makes me physically ill, and I can't wait to indulge in these delicious looking products myself.  I think I will try coffee caramel, first!

But as an anaphylactic food allergy mom, I would be remiss not to mention these other allergy cautions for our friends:

All the vegan ice creams are made with almond milk.  

All the vegan flavors contain pea protein, soy, and corn syrup.

All the vegan flavors have a "may contain nut" warning.

Chunky Monkey contains walnuts. 

Peanut Butter Fudge contains peanut butter & wheat.

Fudge Brownie contains wheat. Brownies made here.

Coffee Caramel contains sesame. 

If you have severe nut, peanut, corn, soy, or wheat allergies, these vegan products may not work for you.  

Miles can do almond milk, but he's highly allergic to cashew.  We aren't sure about walnuts and sesame is related to cashew (although I wouldn't give him coffee anyways).  

Some allergy parents are expressing concern about the brownies being sourced from a bakery in New York that is not dedicated allergy-safe.  

And the remaining question is how well the equipment is cleaned between dairy and non-dairy production.  This is what I would have liked to see in person.  

I apologize to our readers for not being able to make it over to the factory.  We hope this information is helpful to you in making the best decision for your food allergy family.  And don't ever hesitate to call companies for plant, cleaning, and ingredient information when you have further questions.  

If I get a chance to sample these, I will take one for the team and let you know how they are! Be sure to sign up below for our newsletter so you don't miss it.  :)  

What do you think?  Are you going to be able to try the new Ben & Jerry's vegan ice cream flavors in your food allergy family? 




steve poff said...

I was disappointed it isn't being made on a separate line. With it just being cleaned between batches, I don't know that my dairy-allergy son will be eating this. He is anaphylactic so not likely that it will be worth the risk. I don't know if anyone else trusts the "FDA required cleaning process"...if so, let me know.

J. K. said...

Steve, I'm not sure what we would do but the nut situation is what seals the deal for us. :(

Diana Dawson said...

I developed a severe milk allergy as a 23 year old. After several years of eating different types vegan ice cream I was excited about trying the Ben and Jerry's. I ate a spoonful and a few seconds later I became itchy. I took benedryl before I the chest spasms started. I'm worried about eating more of it. Do you happen to have any other information ? Thank you

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Hi Diana, I'm so sorry. I would call the company but I do believe it is run in the same plant as the dairy. You give me even more reason to keep my son away from it. Thanks for sharing your experience and please do call them to ease your mind. You should know what happened.