Exercise for Food Allergy Stress

Do you believe that exercise can relieve stress, even food allergy stress? My husband and I sure do. 

So six years ago we invested in a compact machine that we could both use for indoor exercise, and we both still use it regularly. That's pretty uncommon for exercise equipment so I just wanted to share this little gem with you.  

We are huge fans of this Schwinn Elliptical on Amazon. Definitely one of our best purchases in our seventeen years of marriage.  We actually have a 6-year older version but the price keeps holding steady for the latest and greatest model. That's awesome. I'm sure this one has way more features for the price than what we got!

Jeff is six feet tall, and I'm just 5'2". We thought it may not suit both of us well, but it does.

Another big selling point for us was the compactness of this elliptical. Most good machines are super huge. And small ones tend to be worthless. But this one was both compact AND heavy-duty.

The size of this machine is perfect for taking just a small corner in our basement, and we can actually move it around on it's back wheels. We do this often with my rearranging obsessions.

Incredibly, Amazon delivered right to our door for free which was fantastic considering we didn't have a vehicle large enough to haul one home.  

If you're in the market for a versatile exercise machine this coming winter, you may want to consider this one. Great for relieving that food allergy stress and staying healthy overall.  

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