Ibotta App ~ Save on Allergy-Free & Natural Products

As many of you know, food allergies can be very costly. So I must tell you about the Ibotta app for smart phones, one of my very favorite money-saving methods.

I use Ibotta more than my Target app and have completely stopped using printable coupons. Ibotta is where it's at for convenience and saving big.

This is not a coupon app, it's a "money-back" app. After you make your qualifying purchases, you claim your rebates at the app from the convenience of your home. Then Ibotta will send your money-back once you have acquired $20 for redemption. You don't have to mess with the app at the cash register, which my husband likes.  

If you are super coupon savvy, you can use store and manufacturer coupons in conjunction and on top of Ibotta redemption.

Redeem Cash-Back Through PayPal or Gift Cards

Get your money back through Paypal or gift cards. I just recently redeemed $20 for Starbucks and Ibotta sent me the gift card code through email immediately. Gift cards for Amazon and Walmart are also super useful!

Ibotta Offers Rebates on Allergy-Free Products

What I really like about Ibotta is that there are many dairy-free, allergy-free, whole food, organic products, and natural non-food rebates available. Things you just don't see traditional coupons for. You can find me posting my favorite Ibotta rebates on our Facebook page every so often.They are ever changing, and I definitely keep up with it!  

How Ibotta Works

1. Before shopping, choose the offers you are interested in.  
2. Shop at any of the major retailers that Ibotta supports.
3.  Make sure you buy the offers at the matching store.  
4. When you get home, photograph your receipt with your phone. 
5.  Use your phone to scan the UPC of the items you are redeeming.
6. Ibotta will verify your purchases and credit your account usually within 24 hours.
7.  Redeem your earnings once you have reached $20.00.

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