Food Allergy Check List for 2016

We did this last year, and our readers loved it.  So we've put together a new check list for food allergy parents in 2016!  


1.  Get organized.  Check out how I use a planner for meal planning, budgets, schedules, and more. And get our free Grocery List Printable for your meal planning in 2016.

2.  Register your email at the Food & Drug Administration so you don't miss any allergy alerts!

3.  Download the Ibotta App so you can save on allergy-friendly and healthy groceries this year.

4.  Apply at Rare Patient Voice and earn $5 just for signing up.  Get paid to take allergy surveys.

5.  Print free food allergy printables including ingredient lists, babysitter sheet, & anaphylaxis plan

6.  See if there is a FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education) Walk happening near you in 2016!

7.  Check expiration dates on allergy meds.  See if you qualify for $0 copays on Epi-Pen.

8.  Look on Amazon for a children's book about food allergies to share with your child.

9.  Scour website and FB pages of your favorite allergy-free companies for coupons.  Even call!  Ideas:  Enjoy Life, So Delicious, Daiya, Go Veggie!, Tofutti, Bold, Tofurkey, and more!

10.  Check out Allergic Living, subscribe to their newsletter, and order their magazine.

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