Egg & Cheese Sandwich {Dairy-Free Kid Lunch}

It's hard to believe that five years ago our family was avoiding egg at all costs. And now these days I can post such things as EGG SANDWICHES!  

Both of our boys were allergic to eggs as toddlers. And both outgrew egg allergies by kindergarten.  

Our youngest had the most obvious reactions, hives around his lips when he ate egg the first few times.  

Our oldest blood and skin tested as a moderate allergy to egg so we avoided until he tested negative. I'm not sure he actually ever ate them until he was 4 or 5.  

Anyways, we eat them now, and I hope that's encouraging news to those of you dealing with egg allergies.  

Now my poor niece, who is two, has a very severe egg allergy to the point of reacting when eggs are being boiled. If I had to guess, food allergies are genetic in my family. I pray she outgrows egg allergy by kindergarten as well.  

They say egg allergy often comes with milk allergy. That's the case for my first son and niece, but not my second son. He had egg and peanut allergies without milk allergy. He's now outgrown all of them.

If you do have egg allergy and need a good egg replacement, check out our post about flax eggs. We even successfully make egg-less French Toast!

But about that egg sandwich, it's now a quick lunch or dinner around our house.  And I'm grateful.

1 cooked egg with yolk broken
1 slice of dairy-free cheese (Tofutti, Daiya, Go Veggie)
dairy-free butter

Cook egg and break the yolk, season with salt and pepper.  Butter bread with dairy-free butter.  Finish sandwich with egg and cheese and buttered sides of the bread on the inside.  


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