Crock Pot Granola {Dairy-Free}

Have you ever burned a homemade granola to a crisp in the oven?  I have.  :)  That's why I stopped making it years ago.  

But I recently saw a crock pot granola on Humorous Homemaker and thought it looked worth trying.  Turns out, it worked PERFECTLY!  And I've made two batches since she posted it.  

I made the first batch as a trial run and only did the recipe at 1/4 measurements.  After it turned out amazing, we whipped up a full batch and enjoyed it over the course of the week. The kids love it on dairy-free yogurt, as a cereal with dairy-free milk, over oatmeal, and just plain.  

I followed the directions with a few of my own tweaks and cooked it in my large crock pot for 2 hours.  I did leave the lid cracked and stirred every 30 minutes.  I foresee making this weekly, now.  It's such a fantastic treat.  And I love that it's sweetened with honey.  

Here are some of our suggestions:

1.  We left out all nuts because of our son's nut allergy

2.  We split the 5 cups of oats into 3 cups oats and 2 cups Rice Crispy cereal.  We like crunch.

3.  This is the flax/chia blend that we trust.  Processed in a plant with almond and coconut.

4.  Don't cheat on the cinnamon.  Two full tablespoons really is needed.

5.  We settled for 1.5 cups of raisins.  I don't love raisins.  But I love them in this!  Better than chocolate. 

6.  This is the brand of coconut flakes that we use successfully.  

7.  We used 1/2 cup coconut oil and 1/4 cup Earth Balance dairy-free butter.  The first batch with all coconut oil tasted a little too coconut-y to me.  

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