Baked Cinnamon Sugar Tortillas {Dairy-Free}

Original Post:  2-20-09

When we need a quick snack or something tasty to go with Mexican Dinner Night, you will often find a plate of cinnamon sugar tortillas at our house.

They are so easy that even the kiddos can make them, especially if you use the toaster oven.

If you want an even quicker and easier version, just pop them in the microwave. They don't come out crunchy but are still tasty.

We buy our tortillas at Aldi, and most always have them on hand for a variety of things.  Banana Roll-Up's. Apple Roll-Up's.  Tacos.  Freezer Burritos.  You name it.  We put most anything into a tortilla around here.

I have a cinnamon sugar mix in my spice drawer so it's ready to go.

1/4 cup sugar + 1 tablespoon cinnamon


I simply place tortillas on a heated stone cookie sheet and cover them with Earth Balance dairy-free butter. Then sprinkle them with a plethora of cinnamon and sugar. Cut the cinnamon sugar tortillas into quarters before baking.

Put the cinnamon tortillas in a 325 degree oven for about 10 minutes or until golden brown. They end up being the perfect combination of crunchy yet chewy.  Don't over bake.

Eat them while they are warm!  These can be served with dairy-free vanilla ice cream, too.

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Amy said...

I do these & use cookie cutters to make fun shapes (on V'day we used the heart shaped cutter).

My kids LOVE them!!

Armywife2005 said...

Mmmm, yes! VERY YUMMY indeed! Also, a little thought on the foil issue. I always use foil when using a cookie sheet or baking pan, just because it is easier to clean up. I like to buy the pre-cut foil, much like what is used for highlights or something. It is just easy, and really not more expensive. They work really well for grilling too, like potatoes and corn. The foil is a little thicker than what comes on the roll.