Dairy-Free Hot Cocoa Bar

The very moment I saw a "hot chocolate bar" posted on Facebook this year, I immediately got to work making our own dairy-free version.  I knew the kids would love it.  :)

Not only was I going for the total cuteness factor, but also the EASY factor.  This would mean the kids could make their own hot cocoa.  Mom win!

I used our Hot Cocoa With Water recipe as the basis so it would be super simple.  

With this set-up, my only job is to heat water in our electric tea kettle.  But really the kids can do this part, too. 

Then I put the rest of the ingredients on a cute tray I already had.  Cocoa powder, marshmallows, Enjoy Life chocolate, vanilla, and candy canes for us.  

For the cocoa powder, of course we can't use just any store-bought mix.  They most all contain dairy.  So I made a simple 1-1 concoction of cocoa powder and powdered sugar.  The powdered sugar is a little creamier than regular sugar, and it dissolves well.  The marshmallows add even more creaminess to this otherwise watery hot cocoa.  

To help my kids remember the measurements, I wrote the measurements on chalk labels on the lids.  Three heaping tablespoons of cocoa mix, 1 tablespoon of chocolate chips.  Then we pour about 5-6 ounces of hot water over this and add 5 marshmallows.  They do like the marshmallow quota so we are going with it.  ;)  I usually handle the vanilla extract because all they need is a drop.  Add some natural candy canes for dipping, and the kids will love you forever.  

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