Cheeseburger {Dairy-Free}

Hamburger patties are one of our "easy meal" options in this house. The boys gobble up grass fed beef burgers when I make them, and the added bonus is when I pick up dairy-free Brownberry hamburger buns at Target. It's about our only dairy-free option these days. Always check labels because I've seen bread ingredients change a LOT over the years.

I don't do anything fancy to the burger before cooking except to season them with salt and pepper. Sometimes Lawry's Seasoning Salt, again check labels.  

The kids like to load their burgers up with ketchup, mustard, and pickle slices. And dairy-free cheese options includes slices made by:  Daiya, Go Veggie Vegan, and Tofutti. I think the closest cheese taste comes from Daiya Cheddar Wedges, though, in my opinion.   

This is literally Graham's favorite dish. He's my All-American, guitar-playing, Nascar-loving, hamburger-eating kid. On this night he told me to take a picture of his hamburger and to post, "Hey food allergy kids, I can eat McDonald's hamburgers and trust me, hamburgers at home are better." 

So there you go, there's our public service announcement for the day. 


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