Club Sandwich {Dairy-Free Kid Lunch}

Life is getting easier and easier around here as I train my big boys to contribute more to the runnings of the household.  And one of those new responsibilities is making their own lunch. Yay for me!

As I started to give the boys, ages 8 and 10, the freedom to create their own lunches I found that they were having an awful lot of peanut butter and jelly day after day. Ha, ha. They seem to be bored with lunch meat so I taught them a new little trick that I can't believe I didn't think of sooner. The club sandwich!  

For some reason, toasting that bread makes a big difference. It's just a simple lunch meat sandwich but with toasted bread it's a whole new ballgame. We've all paid $8 for a club sandwich in the tea shop, right? It's good stuff.

Joyously, my boys have started working the toaster and making their own club sandwiches. You can use your choice of meat, but our go-to is Hormel Natural Ham, Salami, and sometimes Turkey. Bacon would be nice, too! With some lettuce, tomato, and mayo you have a nicely completed club sandwich. Miles even adds soy-cheese slices. 

These also make a quick dinner. Enjoy!



Alisa @GoDairyFree said...

That's a favorite or us when at a sandwich shop - so easy to be dairy-free and definitely easy to make at home!

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Always my favorite at the tea shops, too, Alisa. :) Super easy.