Easy Kitchen Aid Fudge {Dairy-Free & Egg-Free}

Yay! Finally a dairy-free fudge that tastes like....real fudge! And it's easy.

We used a recipe at Go Dairy Free, developed by My Sweet Vegan.

I highly recommend doing this fudge in your Kitchen Aid mixer. I put the sugar, cocoa, and chocolate chips in my mixing bowl and let the mixer incorporate the hot coconut milk and butter. This works so much better than mixing it by hand. 

I also recommend using mini Enjoy Life Chips and having them on the top of your bowl when you pour in the hot coconut milk and butter...that way the chips will melt. 

Thai Kitchen canned coconut milk works best for me, and Amazon has the best price. I often get it for around $2 a can.

Experimenting with some mix-in's would be fun, too. I've replaced the vanilla with mint extract for mint fudge. And I always leave out the shredded coconut. 

You will definitely want to give this a try!

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Original Post 12-24-12


Alisa @GoDairyFree said...

What a bummer! That coconut milk is such a wild card. I find Thai Kitchen tends to be the most reliable for canned, and the culinary coconut milk from So Delicious has been super reliable, too - I've been using it for a year, and only once, a while back, had one that didn't set up - the rest have been super thick.

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Thanks for sharing the recipe, Alisa! :) Agree, Thai Kitchen is where it's at.