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Happy Cyber Monday, Friends!  It's one of my favorite days of the year as I get most of my Christmas shopping done from the convenience of my own home.  Sipping my coffee. Loving life. Thankful for our many blessings and thankful for a fantastic community of fellow food allergy friends to share with.  :)  That's YOU!

A few years ago I caught on to the life-changing phenomena known as Amazon Prime.  I signed up for the 30-day free trial and never looked back.  We now use Christmas money from parents each year to renew.  It's been MORE than worth it to us.  

Not only do we get free shipping on any size you know how much I overspent by trying to bump orders to $35???  But we also get free video streaming, music streaming, photo storage, and probably more that I haven't maximized yet.  I've watched all the Downton Abbey series for free. That alone was worth the membership to me, ha ha!

I get tons of dairy-free groceries, sometimes in bulk, shipped right to my door.  And really heavy or bulky items shipped to door like bulk toilet paper and even an elliptical machine!  As a homebody, I just can't put a price on the ease of shopping from home. And the prices usually aren't even inflated for that convenience, they are often lower than big box stores.  

Today is Cyber Monday, my favorite day to shop on Amazon Prime.  And it's the best day to start a 30-Day Prime trial.  There will be great deals from now until Christmas. 

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