Milk-Free Find ~ Allergy-Free Enjoy Life Pizza Crust

Now this was one of my favorite Enjoy Life mixes from what we've recently tried:  brownies, muffins, and pizza crust.  

I didn't expect to be swayed because we usually make our own crust from scratch or even lazily use tortillas for pizza crust on occasion. But the great taste and texture of this crust is definitely worth splurging on.  It made a lot, too.  TWO pizzas.  Our picture just shows one of the two we were able to make from one box.  

The crust not only tasted normal and delicious for being allergy-free AND wheat-free, but it also baked up nice and crunchy.  It held all those toppings without getting overloaded.  

I especially loved this because our whole family was able to enjoy the SAME pizza by using this boxed crust. I prefer gluten-free pizza.  Miles needs milk-free pizza.  And it tasted normal enough for Jeff and Graham to happily partake, as well.  

The dough was simple to put together.  Just add oil.  And it was easy enough to work with and spread into the pan.  Something you always look for with pizza crust.  

We would definitely purchase more of this tasty crust mix.  Allergy-free, protein, ancient grains, and probiotics...quite a unique and healthy blend they are offering here.  

Thank you to Enjoy Life for sending these mixes for us to try.  We hope to get our hands on the pancake mix, soon!  :)  



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