Milk-Free Find ~ Allergy-Free Enjoy Life Muffin Mix

Hello, All!  We are happy to bring you today a review for another Enjoy Life box mix.  Recently we shared our thoughts on the Enjoy Life Brownie Mix.  And now it's time to tell you about the muffin mix!

Jeff was kind enough to make these for the family to try.  The mix is for a plain muffin so you can add any mix-in's that you want.  I love that.  Jeff opted for mini Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips.  Great choice.  

Our boys liked the muffins and devoured them all.  To me, the ancient grains were a little different tasting in these.  I felt they needed refrigerated overnight because they started to get a little gooey sitting on the counter for hours.  But we aren't necessarily gluten-free here, either, so keep that in mind when I sound a little picky about wheat-free foods.  Another sad thing about the muffins is that the batter was thin, and the poor chocolate chips fell to the bottom during baking.  Or maybe the chips were just too tiny.  So next time I will drop the chips on the top right before baking instead of mixing them into the batter.  Also, some chunky raw sugar or brown sugar sprinkled on the top before baking would have given these a little more dimension and texture to enjoy.  

The muffins were probably my least favorite of the three mixes we are trying.  But again, the boys ate them just fine and that's a great thing.  Protein, ancient grains, and probiotics included.  :)

I hope this review is helpful to you.  Thank you to Enjoy Life for allowing us this chance to try their product. 



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