Milk-Free Find ~ Enjoy Life Brownies

Our family was asked by Enjoy Life to review some of their new and exciting allergy-free baking mixes. And our Facebook readers voted that we start with the boxed brownies.  Good choice!  

These are not your normal brownies from a box.  They include ancient grains, protein, and probiotics!  They do NOT include GMO, artificial ingredients, gluten, or any of the top 8 allergens. Come to mama!

First off, these could not have been more convenient.  You just add water and oil.  Easy peasy.  

Second, the texture was the perfect mix of gooey and cakey.  Sure to please both preferences. I know, because hubs and I are at opposite ends of the brownie texture preference spectrum.  And neither of us had a complaint.  

Third, the taste of these was rich and tasty.  They include Enjoy Life's delicious chocolate chips! However, they do have a unique taste especially when you aren't particularly used to gluten-free. BUT, my kids thoroughly enjoyed this rare brownie treat.  We ate the whole pan 8x8" pan...quickly! No questions asked.  And while I can easily pass up baked goods in favor of dark chocolate on most days, even I found myself sneaking into the brownie pan more than once.  So while the taste was unique, I definitely liked it.  

You can find more information and purchase these mixes at Enjoy Life's website.  



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