FAQ: Does Your Food Allergy Child Take Probiotics?

READER QUESTION: I'm really wanting to look into probiotics for our family. Being that we are pretty much dairy free completely, it's been brought to light that having a probiotic around during tummy problem days, yeast infections, or even for when taking antibiotics might really help. Does anyone use these and if so, what are some brands that are dairy, egg, peanut, tree-nut, etc free? Do y'all use them daily or just during times of need? Any info you might have to share on the subject would be helpful thanks!

We are using Garden of Life Raw Probiotics Kids from our local health food store.  You can also get it from Vitacost.  I hear they ship it with a cold pack unlike Amazon.  If you shop through this link at Vitacost as a first-time customer, you will get $10 off a $30 purchase.  {aff}

Garden of Life Raw Probiotics Kids has no filler ingredients, artificial colors, or preservatives. It is marked free of dairy and gluten.  It contains 5 billion CFU.  Be sure to check ingredients before purchasing as it contains several fruits and vegetables.

Please leave a comment letting us know what probiotic you like to use.  

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