Clean Your Kitchen Without Bleach ~ Use E-Cloth

 Original Post 1-28-13

Can you imagine one little cloth replacing most all the cleaners in your house?  No harsh smells. No toxic chemicals.  Just use water.  Too good to be true, right?  

But it's not.  Europe has been effectively using microfiber technology for 20 years.  It' works better than cleaners and is scientifically proven to pick up and remove more than 99% of bacteria.  

E-Cloth Video ~ How It Works

If you want your home to be safer and your chores to be faster and easier, e-cloth is the answer. Not using chemical cleaners is better for allergies, asthma, and all the risks associated with exposure to toxins.  

As a home schooling mom of boys, I live in the kitchen.  And e-cloth's General Purpose Cloth is my daily go-to cleaning tool.

Rinsed, hanging e-cloths dry fast and don't smell.

General Purpose Cloths clean microwave messes like a boss.

"I have tried everything to remove the grease from the slats on my microwave. Soaking in de-greaser, using a knife and dish rag, and vegetable brushes all have not worked. I can say my microwave looks brand new with no grease in the slats now, with very little effort at all!!!!!" ~ Sandy

Easily wipe out refrigerators around the food because you're not using chemicals.

E-cloth picks up and grabs stove top grease with just water and leaves the surface shiny!

Wipe down appliances like mixers and blenders fast and effortlessly.

Sanitizing counter tops with just water is completely liberating.

General Purpose E-Cloth Features

Real Simple Magazine awarded the e-cloth General Purpose Cloth as "Best Microfiber".  

Family Circle touted e-cloth General Purpose Cloths as a "Must Have Cleaning Product".

The cloths come in different colors for color-coding if you are one of those types.  I am.

The cloths have a loop tag for convenient hang-drying.  

The tags label the cloths as General Purpose and include cleaning instructions.  

The cloths also come in packaging that tells you all about how to care for your cloths so they will continue performing well.

And you can always reference care instructions in the e-cloth tab of our blog as well.    

Your cloths may stain at times, but that will not affect their performance over the years.  

E-Cloth & Norwex Price Comparison
E-Cloth General Purpose Cloth:  $7.99 with free shipping
Norwex Enviro Cloth:  $16.99 plus shipping and tax

If you are tired of all the chemicals in your kitchen, you can purchase General Purpose E-Cloths right here at Milk Allergy Mom with free shipping. Thanks for stopping in and happy cleaning!

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