Individual Lunch Crock Pot ~ Great for Food Allergies!

This isn't an amazing sale as much as it is an amazing find.  I had no idea that individual lunch crock pots existed!  I just found this little jewel on Amazon while looking to replace my large crock pot.  

This plugs in, has a tight seal twist lid, a removable washable crock inside, and a handy little handle!  

Miles would love this for lunch outings or for potlucks.  I would fill it with his favorite soups, spaghetti, meat, veggies, etc.  What a treat!  Especially since I don't love using microwaves and other's microwaves are not allergy safe (think residue and contamination).  Having our own little safe hot food container to tote around is a great idea.  I like this better than a Thermos idea.  

Even more fun?  You can choose from black, red, pink, and turquoise!  I can justify just about any food allergy meal container at back-to-school time.  Am I the only one who does this?!  

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