7 Days of Dairy-Free, Natural Snacks for Kids ~ Dairy-Free Peanut Butter Blender Muffins {Day 4}

When I put out a plea on Facebook for any natural sugar treats that I should try for the boys, one friend linked a blender muffin recipe that really intrigued me.  I knew we had to try it.  

Turns out, this recipe from Thirty Handmade Days was delicious!  And I even left out the honey.  We topped them with coconut and raisins.  And nobody complained about lack of sweetness...at all!  

The one thing I would note is that these used up a lot of my precious peanut butter.  And if you have to use a nut butter, that would be even costlier.  AND next time I for sure have to double the recipe because they were that good.  

Our favorite sugar-free peanut butter is Smucker's Natural.  :)  

If you have a strong blender like our Breville blender, you should give these a try!

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