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Original Post 02-10-13

Since we began selling e-cloth here at Milk Allergy Mom, many of you have asked how it compares to Norwex.  That's a great question.  I wondered the same thing as a Norwex customer and did a lot of research that eventually led me to purchase e-cloth.  Hope this helps!

Norwex is out of Norway.  e-cloth is out of the U.K.  Both have been around since 1995.  And both are just recently creeping into the United States.  We Americans are slow to give up our chemicals.

e-cloth:  Direct to customers
Norwex:  Home parties

e-cloth:  1/200 the diameter of human hair
Norwex:  1/200 the diameter of human hair (2013 catalog) ~ 1/100th (2012 catalog)

e-cloth:  80% Polyester/20% Polyamide
Norwex:  70% Polyester/30% Polyamide

e-cloth:  Korea (fair trade)
Norwex:  China (fair trade)

e-cloth:  Removes over 99% of common household bacteria (world-renowned Silliker lab)
Norwex:  I could not find published scientific research.

e-cloth:  300 Washings 
Norwex:  2 Years

e-cloth:  No longer using silver because bacteria is removed with rinsing and drying.
Norwex:  Using embedded silver "solely designed to inhibit bacterial odor, mold, and/or mildew growth" (Norwex catalog).


General Purpose Coths:
e-cloth General Purpose:  $7.99 with free shipping 
Norwex Enviro Cloth:  $16.49 plus shipping and tax
e-cloth General Purpose was chosen as "Best Microfiber" by Real Simple Magazine 

e-cloth Mop Bundle:  
e-cloth Mop Bundle With 3 Pads:  $59.99 with free shipping
Norwex Equivalent:  $92.99 plus shipping and tax
e-cloth Mop was chosen as "Best Washable Mop" by Real Simple Magazine

Polishing Cloths
e-cloth Glass & Polishing Cloth:  $7.99 with free shipping 
Norwex Window Cloth:  $18.49 plus shipping and tax

Cleaning Paste
e-cloth Universal Stone:  $39.99 for 500g with free shipping
Norwex Cleaning Paste:  $28.99 for 200g plus shipping and tax 

Obviously, there are some similarities and differences.  For me, the deciding factor came down to cost.  While I can appreciate the education that comes from home party formats, I just wasn't willing to pay into that extra layer when I can do my own research.  I'm here to share that research and education with you, but if you prefer supporting home parties and feel better about embedded silver, then I totally get that.  We are here promoting e-cloth just to give you options.  :)
If you would like even more information about e-cloth, I have posted some links below. Please ask if you have any questions.  And if you would like to try e-cloth, you can click below to shop right from this site.  We appreciate your support, and we hope this post was helpful.

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