Classical Conversations Supplies on Amazon

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Celebrate Back-To-School with this highly rated, 4.5 star laminator on sale at Amazon. We use ours all the time.  Free shipping with Amazon Prime or a $35 order.  

It comes with 5 pouches. Get 100 more pouches to stock up for laminating all year!

Other Amazon Supplies for Classical Conversations Cycle 1:

Classroom Supplies:

30 Sharpened Ticonderoga Pencils for $5.97 (Students)

Bissell Sweeper for $21.99 ($5 coupon) (Classrooms)

24 Green Dry Erase Markers for $8.99 (Maps)

8 Ultra Fine Tip Dry Erase Markers $8.88 (Maps, Essentials Charts)

Science Projects:

Craft Sticks Weeks 7 & 8 Dissection

12 Foam Balls Week 13 Tilt

Playdough Week 14 Sampler

Alex Modeling Clay $4.50 Week 15 Prints in lieu of plaster!

12 Sharpie Markers $5.88 Week 16 Stretch

Yard Stick Week 18 Tip

4-in-1 Compass Week 24 Compass Walk

Art Projects:

Mortar and Pestal Week 13 Egg Paint in lieu of rocks

Crayola Colored Chalk Week 13 Egg Paint

Gold Foil Paper Week 15 Gold Leaf

Foam Sheets Week 16 Print in lieu of wood blocks

Metal Stylus Week 16 Print in lieu of hammers and metal objects

Black Printing Ink Week 16 Print

Rubber Brayer Week 16 Print

Crayola Model Magic Week 17 Michaelangelo in lieu of plaster

Tracing Paper Week 18 Drawing Tall Figures

My other supplies I shopped around for at Lighthouse, the Dollar Store, Walmart, Michaels, and I got my rock and mineral kits at Cornerstone online. Hope this helps!

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