Milk-Free Find ~ Philly Swirl Italian Ice

The folks at Philly Swirl recently contacted us about trying their dairy-free Italian Ice varieties.  And the boys were more than happy to review all these goodies for you, our dairy-free friends. 

As you can see labeled on the boxes, these are not only dairy-free but they are also gluten-free and peanut-free.    

We got to try the Swirl Stix, Swirl Popperz, and the original Swirls cups.  My kids love those candy spoons!  

The kiddos most enjoyed the Swirl popsicles.  They were always vying for their favorite flavors.  Cotton Candy.  It was all about the cotton candy!  Second favorites were orange and rainbow.  Of course, their wasn't a flavor they didn't like.  ;)  

The facility is peanut and gluten free.  But they DO make a fudge version that contains milk. I asked them directly if they could explain manufacturing processes for our dairy-free readers and this is what they said:

"The dairy products are run on the same line as the regular products.  Our lines are cleaned with our Cleaning in Place system on a daily basis and sanitized before start up.  We use a Neogen Reveal 3D Total milk test kit after each dairy run before we start a regular run."

You can see Philly Swirl products, nutrition info, and more at the Philly Swirl website.  I am told Walmart is their biggest retailer, but I also know food allergy friends have found these at dollar stores on occasion!  :)  

Summer vacation is halfway over.  Finish it off with a bang by picking up some Philly Swirl for your kiddos to enjoy.  :)   




Elizabeth said...

These popsicles seen like a great dairy-free find! A blog I subscribe to, Kitchology, actually just posted a blog this morning about dairy-free chocolate frozen desserts that also look pretty yummy for the decadent dessert lover during the summer. The recipes are here:

Anonymous said...

We live in canada, so don't have these but were in Montana in July and happened to come across these, they were fabulous, even the adults loved them! So happy when I can find treats for my milk allergy boy.