All Natural Vanilla Snow Cones

The boys and I have fun making snow cones at home, especially since we don't trust the local snow cone shops to make them safely for us.  In recent summers, we used a recipe for syrups that used kool-aid.  

But for our first snow cones this summer, we decided to forgo the artificial coloring and to come up with something a little more natural.  Vanilla snow cones sounded good!  

I know it might sound lame, but seriously, they were so delicious.  And compared to other syrup recipes I see online, these are lower in sugar.  It takes a lot of sugar to tame kool-aid!  

The boys have been asking for vanilla snow cones over and over so they were definitely a hit. They really do appreciate the "no artificial colors" component and are thinking up syrup recipes using real fruit now.  :)  

As for shaving the ice, we own a snow cone machine.  But we also have a "snow" feature on our Breville blender that works well in a pinch.  With the second option, the boys can make their own snow cones!  

To get this even more natural, I used organic Sugar in the Raw for the sugar.  I think I'm gonna try the syrup in my tea, too!

If you want sugar free, use Stevia.  Or a mix of sugar and stevia would make for very low sugar.

1 cup water
1/4  - 1/2 cup natural sugar
1/4 tsp. vanilla extract

Heat water and sugar on stove until sugar dissolves.  Take off heat and add vanilla.  Store in glass container in refrigerator.  Pour into a plastic squirt bottle once cooled if you choose. Enjoy on shaved ice for a cool snow cone treat!  We use silicone snow cone cups.  

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