7 Days of Dairy-Free, Natural Snacks for Kids ~ Butterfinger Smoothies {Day 1}

My kiddos and I have many of conversations.  I explain a lot of things, and they soak in information like sponges.

Recently, we've been talking about sugar.  I explained to them that using God's natural sugars are probably better for our bodies than using sugars that man has altered.  

Honey, maple syrup, natural sugar cane...  I know there are varying opinions on this.  Some would cut sugar altogether.  But I'm taking baby steps, here.  ;)  I think just making them aware that this is an issue to consider is an accomplishment.  

So together, in one of our chats about good snack choices, we decided to cut out processed sugar for a whole week.  This meant no more Oreos, Poptarts, chocolate bars, etc.  

We set out on a mission together to make sweet afternoon treats that would only use natural sugar.  

And our Facebook readers thought this was a fun idea for us to share after the experiment.  So here we are on the other side.  It's time to share!  We survived, we had fun, we rose to the challenge, and this would be great for us to do on a regular basis.  Maybe cutting processed sugar a week out of each month or something???  

First up, we did our Butterfinger Smoothies.  You can click for the recipe.  But for Natural Sugar Week, we specifically used:  

Frozen Banana
Unsweetened Peanut Butter (or sunflower seed butter)
Unsweetened Almond Milk
Ground Flax Seeds
Cocoa Powder

In this concoction, the banana is the sweetener.  You can add maple syrup or honey if you want to, but my kids have never asked for it.  We love this treat!  

I linked our favorite IKEA colored kid cups (BPA-Free) because they are fantastic for food allergy families.  We color code the kid drinks, especially when friends are over.  This helps keep the kiddos' drinks straight and my food allergy son safe.  :)  

Let us know how you like the smoothies!



Amy Besser said...

I love these ideas! I don't have a dairy allergy, but I have been avoiding dairy for health reasons and I've been struggling to find easy snacks. I'm not the best cook but I can't wait to make a smoothie and see how it is! Thanks!

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Well, if easy is what you need, Amy..you are in the right place! ;) We can't wait to share the rest of our ideas from the week. :) Hope you like it!