Dish Cloths That Don't Smell ~ E-Cloth Works!

Do you battle smelly dish cloths in your house? Have about 20 in rotation because you have to change them so often? Do you and your spouse squabble about how long is too long to tolerate a stinky dish rag? I ask because that was totally our house for years. I always had a pile of wet, nasty dish cloths needing to be washed.  

So I was over the moon when I learned about e-cloth's non-smelly microfiber and even MORE over the moon when they recently launched their Wash & Wipe Dish Cloths. Finally!  

"I love e-cloths. I used to be one who used a different washcloth every time I needed one. Now, I use e-cloth and have decreased my towel loads tremendously. Even reduced my water bill by $5 a month." ~ Stephanie

That's right. Wash & Wipe Cloths not only smell fine, but they save on laundry while lasting about a week between washings. This is of course with rinsing them out after use and hanging them to dry. You can get by with having just 2-4 in rotation. Really!  

We carry the new e-cloth Dish Cloths right here at Milk Allergy Mom in our e-cloth store. Give them a try if your current dish rag situation makes you crabby. Happy washing! 

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