Milk-Free Find ~ Richardson Brands Company Rock Candy

We are on our way to a baseball tournament 1.5 hours out of town this weekend.  And are staying overnight for a hotel baseball party.  This is a first for us.  Wish us luck!  

One of the players has a birthday and is handing out treat bags.  The parent was kind enough to let me know and to check treats with me.  They ended up getting rock candy and Big League Chew.  Miles has never had either.  And while the ingredients look ok, our policy is to try nothing new out of town.  

So I went out to get the same brand rock candy and gum to try this week.

First up, Big League Chew Original flavor.  Success.  

Next, rock candy by Richardson Brands Company.  Purchased at Party City.  I called the company, and the rep answered my manufacturing questions with confidence.  The factory does have milk, but the rock candy line is dedicated equipment with no milk.  Miles ate the cherry flavor that will be handed out at the game just fine.  

He was very excited to have rock candy.  And the gum.  Two new things thanks to a friend birthday. We are willing to try new things when it involves inclusion.  But we do our homework, first.  Would you do the same?




Mommy Little said...

So exciting to find new "safe" goodies. I have a very strict policy about not trying new foods unless we are at home, so I completely understand you wanting to be prepared! Glad it worked out and your little one can participate in the birthday festivities!

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Mommy Little, glad we could help! :) We had fun.