Milk-Free Find ~ Enjoy Life Fruit & Seed Packs

We are gearing up for a very busy baseball season with both of our boys.  And peanuts and sunflower seeds will be running rampant.  

Fortunately, we aren't allergic to either.  However, Miles can't eat them because I have yet to find a brand that doesn't process in a plant with milk and/or tree nuts.  His cashew allergy is so high now that we can't chance it.  

That's why we love the allergy-safe Fruit and Seed packs made by Enjoy Life.  Allergy-free. Safe manufacturing.  

And the best part is that they sell individual packs!  Miles is going to love having these on hand while his friends munch on other trail mix, peanuts, and seeds.  

My favorite is the Mountain Mambo variety because it has chocolate.  But Miles likes the Beach Bash variety.  

I'm able to get these on Amazon in bulk, 24 packs, for under $1 a piece.  That's a good price for ball park food.  :)  

With these and our favorite water bottles, we will be set for the hustle and bustle of baseball season!

Are you gearing up for a crazy sport season this spring and summer?  What are your survival tips?

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Amanda Kay said...

Oh man, are we ever! Soccer overlaps with softball/t-ball for us, and it has already begun! Tips? Keep meals healthy and simple. No fancy, elaborate meals allowed until...

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Amanda, that's a great tip. Really! I'm gonna try to hone in more on the crockpot this baseball season. :) Good luck with the juggling!

Mommy Little said...

Hope to try these someday with my little guy! I love finding blogs by mommas to kids with allergies, I always learn something new!