Stainless Steel Water Bottles for Food Allergy Kids

Spring is coming!  I'm so looking forward to our park days and bike rides.  Spending time outdoors with the kiddos.  Even just spending more time running errands around town.  The sunshine gets this homebody to leave the house.  

To save money on buying drinks when we are out, we invested in these awesome Thermos water bottles for the boys YEARS ago.  I can't believe we still have them, honestly.  These have been everywhere with us over the years!  Errands, park days, bike rides, school group, field trips, vacation. You name it.  

The awesome thing with this brand is that the water stays cold, with ice, for 24 hours. Literally.  I've tested it.  

I also prefer the safety of stainless steel over plastic any day.  No plastic water bottles sweltering in the heat of the car.  Leaching chemicals into hot water.  Ew.  

I also love that these are easy to clean.  No straws.  Thank you, Lord!  I hate water bottle straws. HATE THEM.  The only reusable straws I like are the silicone ones, that's another blog post.  

You can see we keep the Thermos and the lid marked with each boy's name.  And these are great size for the bigger kids.  Mine started with these at age 4 and 5.  18oz will keep them hydrated for quite awhile.  A full ball game.  A long vacation drive.  I love this size. 

Right now these are a GREAT price on Amazon.  I DID pay $25 for each of ours, and it was worth the several years we've gotten out of them.  I'm thinking of getting a couple more for $16!  

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Amanda Kay said...

I also love our Thermos water bottles, Thermos soup containers, etc...
I agree that the sunny, warm weather gets THIS homebody Mama out of the house. :)

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Hi Amanda. Good tip, I need the soup ones next! :) Homebodies unite!