Milk-Free Find ~ Nature's Own Bread

Besides not having milk as an ingredient, I like that Nature's Own is made with no artificial preservatives, color, or flavor and no corn syrup. 

And I finally found Nature's Own bread at the Dollar Tree for $1!  It expires in 3 days, but who's counting?  

The bad news?  They also had Nature's Own hot dog buns.  BUT THE BUNS CONTAIN MILK!  

I checked both packages and both products are made in the same place.  

And a FB readers says the Sugar-Free Whole Wheat version contains milk, too.  

So now I have manufacturing and plant questions, and I don't see the answers on the website.  Not even ingredient lists.  :(  

We just gave up Bimbo and Sarah Lee for them being "processed in a plant with milk."  

Should we be dropping Nature's Own, too? 

Let us know if you have more info, and we will probably give a call to the company soon.



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