1-Minute Microwave Cake {Dairy-Free & Egg-Free}

It was 9:00 in the morning. Skate birthday party at 10. Wrapping gift. Making card. Getting breakfast done. Packing lunches for the predictable pizza fest that would ensue in the next couple hours for a bunch of 10-year-old boys. But not my boy. He's allergic to milk, and I have to make all his food for any event like this.

Then it hit me. "Jeff, did you make cupcakes?". Ooooops, we forgot to make safe cake!

Now it's 9:15. Thirty minutes to show time.

Quick, THINK! It was time to revisit the microwave mug cake idea. 

I pulled our dairy-free and egg-free cake recipe up on the computer. 

I started cutting down the measurements bit by bit. Tweaked a little here and there for easy measurements. And kept tasting the batter until it was good to go. Remember, no egg. Eat the batter!  :)  

First, I made the microwave cake in a larger ramekin like these. And this recipe will make two of those.    

Later, I experimented with smaller ramekins I have by Le Creuset. And the recipe made 4 of those.  

I also use these cutie dishes for Chicken Pot Pies.

Why a ramekin when mug cakes are all the rage? Well, at a birthday party with a dozen boys, I know my son would be horrified eating cake out of his mother's coffee cup. The ramekin is super discrete and no big deal. Miles actually thought it was awesome to have his own cake. Don't forget the sprinkles! We threw the ramekin cake in a rubber maid container with his own plastic fork, great for travel.  

I will love having this recipe on hand, now. The kids can make cake whenever they want! If you don't have frosting on hand, just sprinkle powdered sugar on top.  

And hopefully next time YOU forget to make safe cake an hour before a birthday party, this will help you out, too!

PS ~ This is a lower sugar variation of our regular cake recipe. But once the icing is on. it's all good.

1/2 cup flour
1/4 cup sugar
1.5 Tbs cocoa powder
1/4 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp vinegar
1/4 tsp vanilla
1/3 cup water
1 Tb oil
pinch of salt

Mix ingredients together.  Grease 2 large ramekins or 4 small ramekins with dairy-free butter. Fill ramekins half full with batter.  Microwave large ramekin cakes for 1 minute or small ramekins for 30 seconds.  Let cool and top with frosting or powdered sugar.  

If you decide to do the oven instead of microwave, the cakes will take 15-20 minutes.  Done when toothpick comes out clean.  


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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this recipe...I have to try it out with my little guy. We just found out that he needs to avoid eggs & milk. This is will help so that he does not have to feel left out when we go to parties or when he sees cupcakes in the store and wants one.

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Oh, I hope you liked it, anonymous!