Kids Carrying Epinephrine EpiPens for Food Allergy

Original Post 3-15

I often get asked how we carry our son's food allergy medicine, and that's a great question.

Actually, he and I both carry a set of EpiPens.

I carry a set of epi's in my purse or outing bag. And in addition, our son has carried his own set since age seven.

We consider him "in training" for managing his own medication. Early on, he left it in the hot or cold car a couple times, and it had to be replaced. Even though it can be costly when this happens, it's part of learning. 

Miles's cross-body bag is a Fieldline Large Accessory Pouch, and he thinks it's pretty cool. The strap is adjustable and the bag is well padded. There are two compartments. He uses one for meds and one for stuff like a yo-yo, a lasso, and safe snacks of course.

In the main part of the bag our son carries two epi-pens, liquid benedryl, and his inhaler.   

Rarely anymore do we have to tell him to grab his bag as we go out the door, he always takes into places with him, and we are proud of how responsible he is becoming for his own safety. He's been self-carrying for four years, and it certainly does become habit after so many months and years.

You can find some cute, girly, insulated crossbody bags on Amazon, as well. 

I think cross body works well because they have easy access, are comfortable, and provide plenty of room for kid "stuff". 

Please comment and let us know if your child has started self-carrying yet. What age?

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