Food Allergy Book ~ Food Allergies and Me

I always have my eyes peeled for a good food allergy book for kids. 

Our first purchase was Gina Clowe's One of the Gang.  It talks a lot about well known people who have allergies in adulthood.  It's encouraging to Miles as a nine-year-old.  He didn't quite get it as a toddler, though.  Glad we have it on hand now!

The latest book we purchased was Food Allergies and Me.  Maybe I bought these books in the wrong order because this one seems more appropriate for toddlers to maybe age 7. However, Miles can read it on his own, and the boy plays soccer.  So I've caught him reading it a few times.  

The quality of the paper isn't totally awesome, but the artwork is great!  

It talks about a boy with food allergies.  In school, he's learning to write his name (if that gives you an age mark for this).  He "investigates" food allergy safety at school, home, birthdays, parks, and even at the allergist.  They do address what it's like to have an allergic reaction in an appropriate way.  I like that.   

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