Easter Meal {Dairy-Free}

We celebrate Easter at Jeff's parents' house each year as they are very understanding and accommodating of the seriousness of food allergies.  My mother-in-law can even cook safe dishes for Miles, and he certainly eats like a king there.  

When we arrive, we all give a last run-down of what we have for Miles to eat. And my MIL is great about saving all the containers, wrappers, boxes, etc. that show the ingredients so we can double check everything one more time.


HAM:   We cut all of Miles's portions first, including for leftovers, and set aside in a safe place.

GREEN BEANS:  Simple garden beans flavored with salt and pepper

JELLO JIGGLERS:  Grandma always does this special for the kids.

SCALLOPED CORN:  One can corn + one can of cream corn.  Topped with saltine crackers, baked until heated.

HOMEMADE ROLLS:  Easy refrigerator rolls.  Recipe here.

HOT CROSS BUNS:  Leftover from breakfast.  Recipe here.

SWEET POTATO CASSEROLE:  This is always a holiday favorite.  Recipe here.

SIMPLE FRUIT SALAD:  I love getting crazy with berries when spring arrives!

STRAWBERRY SALAD:  This is our signature Easter dish.  Always a hit.  Recipe here

VANILLA CUPCAKES:  Can be made into bunnies!  Recipe here.

COCONUT RICE TREATS:  These scream "spring".  Recipe here. 

CARROT CAKE WITH CREAM CHEESE FROSTING:  My hubby's favorite!  Recipe here

We would love to hear what is on your dairy-free Easter menu!



Molly said...

This is the first time we are opting not to eat with my husband's extended family. It was so stressful at the same host's house for Thanksgiving because she doesn't consider our food allergies (for example, she forgot and put butter on the turkey last year). We will go for a visit earlier in the day and leave before their meal, and I feel so much relief. For my little family, I will cook a ham, potatoes cooked in coconut oil, salad, and resurrection bread (or "Jesus bread" as my kids like to call it). :) I love your idea of the creamed corn casserole and may have to try that or the sweet potato dish you mentioned.

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Molly, thanks for sharing. Do what's best for your fam...yes! :) Jesus bread, love that! Have a wonderful holiday with your family.